Black Friday 2014

Ads are getting bigger, the deals are lasting longer and retailers are working harder than ever to beat the competition, but really, are Black Friday deals even worth it? If you crunch the numbers you’ll find that a lot of them will only save you a few bucks more (if that) than other sales during the year, which isn’t worth the time nor stress of waking up from Thursday’s food coma in the middle of the night and fighting raging crowds for minor deals. That being said, there are a few items worth shopping for that warrant your time and (much less) effort during Black Friday that will save your money AND your sanity. Read More →

Bee Sweet Mandarins

When I was younger my favorite fruit was mandarin oranges. Yes, those syrupy canned segments I should not have considered actual fruit passed the age 12. Since mandarins from the produce aisle just weren’t the same, I was under the impression that canned mandarin oranges got their distinct flavor from the syrup they were canned in. [insert sound of wrong answer buzzer] Wrong! I recently found the flavor does occur in nature in at least one form: Bee Sweet mandarins. Read More →

Charcuterie Board—Sausage & Meat San Diego |

The newest addition to San Diego’s food scene, opening today in University Heights, is clearly designed after my own heart. It’s a concept aptly titled Sausage & Meat and they offer just that: artisan sausages made of every animal you can think of and meat-centered dishes you can’t find just anywhere. My boyfriend and I were lucky enough to give the joint a test run last week and for a girl who considers sausage to be a food group you can bet we had a blast. Read More →

ALL Meat Chili |

Not surprisingly, 95% of the TV I watch is Food Network with a solid portion of that time allocated to Guy Fieri’s Triple D. I’ve learned lots of thing from Guy over the last 7 years like that which is poutine; my dream of making my own cured meats isn’t going to happen; and chili is simply the socially acceptable way to eat a bowl of meat, no questions asked. Although I was duped my whole life into thinking beans were a chili requirement, apparently the only parts of the country whose chili opinions should count would never muck it up with beans.

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AJs Kids Crane

Every year AJ from San Diego’s Energy 103.7 takes shelter in a crane, yes we’re talking live, eat, sleep, shower (or maybe sponge bathe?), for a week while San Diegans rise to the occasion and bring thousands of toys to donate to kids at Rady’s Children’s Hospital. The aptly named AJ’s Kids Crane has been one of the biggest toy drives in San Diego for quite a few years running and its huge success comes from multiple pieces: AJ’s dedication, great community-based supporting events and enthusiastic San Diegans! Read More →

Caulimash - The Only Mashed Cauliflower Recipe You'll Ever Need | Cauliflavor.comOne of the biggest challenges I faced when trying to improve my health was a pure hatred for all things vegetable. My stubborn personality and dramatized memories of the steamed, flavorless versions I’d rejected as a child led me to completely abandon the food group when I hit adulthood. I kid you not when I say I’d go weeks on end without eating vegetable. Then, one day, I came across this post, subsequently made and scarfed down my first bowl of caulimash, and my lifestyle was changed forever.

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