Protein Bagel Pizza

We all love pizza for the same reasons: portability, cheese and well, yeah mostly the cheese. But do you want to know what is actually the best thing about pizza? It’s one of the easiest and I mean easiest foods to healthify and keep tasting pah-retty damn good. In fact, pizza is one of my favorite “diet” meals—all you need is a simple base and portioned toppings. Read More →

Feta Pepperoncini Dip

The single best way to save money is to do things all by yourself. That’s why the moment I realized my introduction to Freskos dips was turning into a very expensive addiction I gave a go at creating a version of my own. Well, I did not create the perfect Freskos replica, but what I did create was another perfect dip that also happens to include a built-in mechanism for getting more veggies from plate to mouth. Read More →

Bee Sweet Mandarins

When I was younger my favorite fruit was mandarin oranges. Yes, those syrupy canned segments I should not have considered actual fruit passed the age 12. Since mandarins from the produce aisle just weren’t the same, I was under the impression that canned mandarin oranges got their distinct flavor from the syrup they were canned in. [insert sound of wrong answer buzzer] Wrong! I recently found the flavor does occur in nature in at least one form: Bee Sweet mandarins. Read More →